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50 Professional-Grade Polymer-Modified Mortar

5400 MaxiFlex


Flextile MaxiFlex is a superior-grade, high-performance, one component, polymer-modified thin-set mortar. Unique, high polymer modification provides the superior bonding characteristics and exceptional flexibility required for installation of tile and stone over difficult to bond surfaces such as exterior grade plywood, vinyl and laminates, and is suitable for use with submerged applications and freeze/thaw conditions

  • High polymer content for high performance and flexibility.
  • Ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Can be used in both thin-set and medium-bed applications.
  • Can be used for submerged applications and freeze/thaw conditions
  • Excellent for most difficult tiles and substrates
  • Excellent workability
  • Available in Grey and White
  • Rated as suitable for extra heavy service by ASTM C627-70 on concrete substrates.
  • Rated as a light performance commercial and residential mortar by ASTM C627-70 on plywood substrates.

Presenting an industry-leading ultra-premium quality cement-based grout
Flextile 1600 RSG Rapid-Set Sanded Grout.
If you’re expecting your average grout, then its time you expected more. Presenting Flextile 1600 RSG Rapid-Set Sanded Grout. Thanks to its special formulation, ultra-strong Flextile 1600 RSG Rapid-Set Sanded Grout allows for foot traffic in a mere 3 to 4 hours. Its unique high-hydrating cement formulation ensures consistent joint colour, and Flexsil® Technology effectively reduces surface absorption. So when a job needs
to get done quick but needs to be done right, trust the rugged choice for interior and exterior use – Flextile 1600 RSG Rapid-Set Sanded Grout.


Flextech 4020 Moisture Barrier

4020 MOISTURE BARRIER is a high performance, rapid drying, water-based, penetrating epoxy formulated to dramatically reduce moisture vapor transmission and surface alkalinity from substrates including;
- “freshly poured/green concrete,” properly prepared concrete, cement backer board, radiant heat flooring, and cement based terrazzo prior to the installation of carpet
- vinyl/VCT
- rubber
- engineered or solid hardwood
- porcelain
- marble
- granite
- ceramic tile floor covering.

Presenting the industry’s hardest working colour-matched sealant
Flextile Ultra-Performance Caulk.

Think this is your average caulk? Think again. Flextile Ultra-Performance Caulk is a premium performance hybrid sealant that is moisture curing and exhibits outstanding durability, flexibility, and adhesive strength after full cure. Its special formulation combines the key features of silicone and urethane-based sealants without their drawbacks, making it the ideal choice for use in tile movement joints as well as a shrinkage and crack free general-use caulk. So when a job needs to be done right, trust the rugged choice – Flextile Ultra-Performance Caulk.

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