3000 Flex-Warm


Flextile 3000 FLEX-WARM system is a unique floor warming and crack isolation system installed under thin-set installations of tile and stone. FLEX-WARM is a safe and efficient electric floor-warming product for interior installations below tile, stone, and other masonry materials in residential and moderate commercial installations.

FLEX-WARM easy Peel and Stick installation combines Carbon Heat technology with anti-fracture protection to provide warmth and comfort to flooring surfaces and assist in preventing reflective cracks from surfacing in tile floor finishes.

  • FLEX-WARM is an electric floor heating system that is only 3mm (1/8”) thick system, and easy to install.
  • Draws 12 watts per sq.ft., produces 41 BTU’s per sq.ft., providing even heat throughout the mat.
  • For both Commercial and Residential use.
  • Is available in 120V, and in standard and custom sizes.
  • Floor temperature is controlled by a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options (refer to Controls section).
  • Bridges cracks up to 10mm (3/8”) in thickness.
  • Exceptional bond strengths.
  • Tile or Stone may be applied immediately after installation.
  • VOC free

4000/4001 primers can be used as an auxiliary primer

Technical Data