43 Additif au Latex Acrylique


The Flextile 43 acrylic latex mortar additive can be used as an additive for mixing with thin setting mortars such as Flextile 51 Floor & Wall Mix or Flextile 53 Floor Mix.

Mortars mixed with Flextile 43 Thin-Set Mortar Additive in place of water are suitable for installation of porcelain tiles, marble, slate, quarry tile, pavers, ceramic mosaics and all types of absorbent or non-absorbent tiles. horizontal surfaces made of concrete, masonry, terrazzo, concrete supports, existing surfaces of well-bonded ceramic or marble tile or VCT or other non-upholstered vinyl flooring or, in dry interior areas only, plywood or plasterboard of external quality.

High content of latex solids
Flextile 51 and Flextile 53 adhesive mortars mixed with 43 additives for acrylic latex thin-set mortars are considered suitable for additional heavy duty ASTM C627-70 concrete substrates

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