51/44 System – Premium, Flexible Latex Tile Mortar

Flextile 51/44 System is a high-performance, latex Portland cement mortar: Flextile 44 is a High Solids Thin-Set Mortar Additive for use with Flextile 51 Premium Floor & Wall Thin-Set Mortar in installing most ceramic tile and stone on properly prepared interior or exterior surfaces. The high latex solids content of Flextile 44 High Solids Thin-Set Mortar Additive increases safety margins on exterior applications where thermal expansion / contraction of tiles is a concern, where extreme freeze / thaw conditions exist, in water immersion applications and in other critical or extra-heavy service situations.
• Recommended for exterior cladding installations.
• Recommended for water immersion installations.
• Flextile 51 & 53 Dry Set Mortars mixed with 44 High Solids Thin-Set Mortar Additive are rated as suitable for extra heavy service by ASTM C627-70 on concrete substrates.