56SR Premium Sag-Resistant Mortar

56 SR is a premium-grade, sag resistant mortar, designed specifically for thin or medium-bed, wall, floor and countertop installation of large format tile and stone.

56SR provides excellent sag resistance and mortar transfer to backs of larger format tile & stone on vertical applications, as well as superior tile support and mortar transfer on horizontal applications.

A premium polymer modified dry set mortar consisting of high performance polymers and water retention additives, carefully graded sands, Portland cement, and special additives, which contribute to the unique characteristics of 56SR.

Available in Grey & White.

  • Installation of large format porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, quarry and paver tiles, or natural stone such as marble, granite, slate and Excellent for non-sag, thin or medium bed installations of large dimension, heavy textured tile and stone on both vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Excellent flexibility and bond strength
  • Contributes to LEED certification
  • For interior and exterior floor, wall and countertop installations
  • With Flexfresh™ Revolutionary technology that helps to inhibit the growth of mildew, fungus and other bacteria causing odours and stains in construction materials
  • Easy to use-just mix with water and apply
  • Reduces the need to back butter large format or heavily lugged tile in order to achieve required mortar transfer to backs of tile
  • Excellent workability
  • Supports large format tile, reducing lippage