58XT Two-Part Fast-Set

Flextile 58XT is a high-performance, quick-setting, two-component high-performance mortar system.

For the installation of porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, quarry and paved tiles, natural stone, natural and agglomerated marble and granite, slate and prefabricated terrazzo tiles.

For installation of white light, colored marble or transclucent, use WHITE Flextile 58XT.

  • The high performance system offers superior physical properties such as impact, vibration, aging, freeze / thaw and resistance to cleaning chemicals.
  • For interior and exterior floors, wall and ceiling installations.
  • Recommended for water immersion installations.
  • Fast Curing – Tiles can be sealed in 2-4 hours and tiles quickly ready for use.
  • Allows medium sized large bed installations, tiles and heavy textured stones.
  • Saves time and money
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of tiles and stones.
  • Excellent adhesion to plywood.
  • Rated as suitable for heavy supplementary service by ASTM C627-70 on concrete substrates