STT: Smooth Trowel Technology

par | Juin 7, 2017 | New Product Launches

New advanced Smooth Trowel Technology to enhanced mixed consistency and improve application efficiency


Flextile will be producing #50 and #60 thin-set mortars using our new
Smooth Trowel Technology (STT), a formula upgrade that improves the working consistency
of these high volume thin-set mortars. STT is designed to make the mortars easier to mix and
apply, allowing for smoother troweling and improved tile adjustability which contributes to a
more efficient tile installation. The technology behind STT allows for these improved
workability features without replacing or compromising the original formula components
such as clean angular aggregates, high performance polymers, and high Portland cement
content that have made #50 Professional-Grade PM Mortar and #60 PM Mortar respected
staples of Flextile’s thin-set mortar lineup for many years. The STT logo will be appearing on
respective product bags as inventories change over, and are being incorporated into the
product TDS as well.