66 Flexlite Lightweight Mortar

Flexlite 66 is a premium-grade, non-sag lightweight mortar, for thin or medium-bed, wall, floor and ceiling installation of marble, slate, granite, pre-cast terrazzo, porcelain tile, and most types of ceramic and stone tile.

For installation on properly prepared substrates of concrete, masonry, cement terrazzo, concrete backer units, existing surfaces of ceramic or stone tiles, Flextile WP980 waterproofing and crack isolation membrane, or, in dry areas only, exterior grade plywood.

  • Excellent for non-sag, thin or medium bed installations of large dimension, heavy textured tile and stone on both vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Flexlite 66 formulated with Flexlite Technology promoting ease of troweling.
  • 11.3 kg (25LB) bag covers the same area as a 22.7 kg (50 lb) bag of traditional mortar.
  • High flexibility and bond strength.
  • Formulated with recycled material, contributes to LEED certification.
  • Light colour mortar: for light-coloured natural stone, translucent marble and grout installations.
  • For interior and exterior floor, wall and ceiling installations.