Flextile Patch™

Flextile Patch is a smooth, trowel-applied, fast-setting, polymer-modified, cementitious patching and leveling compound.

For use in thickness of feather-edge to 1/2″(12,5 mm) in filling cracks, voids or depressions in concrete and exterior grade plywood prior to installation of a floorcovering.

  • Ideal for fast leveling, smoothing and repair of surfaces prior to flooring installation.
  • Cures to provide a water resistant, high compressive strength patching compound compatible with all flooring adhesives and tile setting mortars.
  • Floor covering can be installed in just 1 hour after application.
  • Cement based–will not stain or mildew
  • Contains no sand or coarse fillers
  • Polymer modified–bonds to most substrates.
  • When mixed with Flextile 44 can be used as an embossing leveler for vinyl surfaces.
  • Fast setting
  • Easy to mix and spread